Property Inspection

During Inspections, Looks Can Be Deceiving

Even nice houses can have flaws. Don't fall in love with a house until it's been inspected! During property inspections, Comprehensive Property Inspections often finds a wide variety of defects that you wouldn't expect. This is why our home inspectors have to work like detectives, looking for clues that help them uncover what would be a nasty surprise later! We take a fine-toothed comb to everything in the home in order to reveal as many flaws as possible.

Some Defects Discovered During Inspections

• Tiny, Almost Invisible Hairline Cracks In Chimney Crown
• Water Entry Eroding Firebrick In Fireplace & Water Leaking Into Basement
• Beautifully Terraced Landscape Retaining Wall With No Gravel Behind It
• Water Pooling At the Foundation Wall Causing Structural Damage, Mold, & Eventual Collapse

Tracking Down Termites

One of the most common problems in homes is termites. Termite damage can be extensive and is almost always hidden. Structural damage is almost a certainty, and cosmetic repairs will be necessary after termite treatment. If you find damaged wood around a newly painted windowsill, this may indicate that termites are present.

The Danger of Furnace Issues

The last thing you want to pay for just after buying a home is a new furnace. Our inspection includes a carbon monoxide test that may uncover a possible hole in the heat exchanger of the furnace, requiring replacement. If not remedied, the occupants of the house may suffer headaches, sickness, or even death.

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