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All About Home Inspections

At Comprehensive Property Inspections, we specialize in providing complete and comprehensive home inspections throughout the Kansas City area to ensure that everything is in acceptable condition before a sale proceeds. Our business is making sure you receive the most accurate knowledge about your most important purchase.

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What Is an Inspection?

A comprehensive property inspection is a systematic check of a house. The structure, foundation, roof, heating/cooling system, electrical, plumbing, and appliances are inspected according to industry standards and guidelines. (See the contract for inspection specifics.) This systematic procedure was developed to minimize the human factor, which could cause an inspector to overlook or miss something. No inspector can guarantee that he won't miss something or incorrectly identify a defect, but Comprehensive Property Inspections has used this procedure for 35 years with an overall customer satisfaction rating of 99.3 percent (as of 05/31/14).

Who Gets an Inspection?

Traditionally, a home buyer is the person most interested in seeing what defects a house has. Most real estate purchase contracts require that the buyer's professional inspection report is attached to the unacceptable conditions statement, which is then given to the seller. Without it, the seller is not obligated to renegotiate any terms or conditions. Your Uncle Bob's expertise in building, plumbing, or electrical is not valid when checking out a house for a purchase contract; it must be a professional inspection.

Additionally, with seller's disclosure laws, most home sellers now have inspections done to allow them to complete their disclosure more accurately and show proof of what they list on the disclosure. This minimizes the risk that an unhappy buyer will try to sue them later for what the buyer believes the seller hid or concealed.

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Homeowners who are neither selling their house nor buying a new one use inspections as a way of maintaining their homes. Considering that a home is usually the largest financial investment people make, keeping the house properly maintained is of utmost importance. Smart homeowners have their homes inspected once a year to make sure that an unseen defect that would have cost $50 to fix does not turn into a $5,000 repair project because it deteriorated as it went unnoticed.

Home Inspection Checklist

Here are some home inspection tips that may be helpful for you to find a house you think you might like to buy.

• You agree with the seller on terms and conditions, and then both the seller and buyer sign a contract for purchase. (The standard contract for purchase gives you 10 days to get a professional home inspection and submit your list of unacceptable conditions to the seller with a copy of the inspection report attached.)

• You call us at (913) 481-6636 or fill in the Contact form online to set up the soonest time possible to do the inspection.

• You call your REALTOR® (or the seller, if a F.S.B.O.), inform them of the scheduled inspection time, and confirm that they will verify that all utilities are turned on and that they will be there to let us into the property at the scheduled time.

• You show up at the scheduled time and pay for the inspection with a check or cash (unless you have prepaid online) and sign the contract for inspection.

• The inspector will begin his inspection outside, taking photos of defects and making notes for the report. (You are encouraged to walk along with the inspector and ask any questions you might have.)

• After he finishes the inspection, the inspector will print out the photos for you. He will go over each photo with you, explain the defect, and offer solutions.

• Usually within 48 hours, you will receive the typed inspection report via email.

• Using the inspection report and summary page as a guide, you make your list of unacceptable conditions and proceed according to your purchase contract.

• After the inspection is done, feel free to call the inspector and ask questions. (Have your inspection number handy.) This is a free service as long as you own the property.

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