Comprehensive Property Inspections

About Us

When it comes to property inspections, there is no substitute for experience. This is why Comprehensive Property Inspections is the right choice for all your property inspection needs in the Kansas City, Kansas, area. Our qualifications come from more than 35 years of experience doing inspections six days a week. This level of expertise is the very best indicator of our ability to do the best inspection possible for you, and it's why we boast a customer satisfaction rating of 99.3 percent since 1979.

Getting It Right

Regardless of what other inspectors will lead you to believe on their websites or in their conversations, no one is perfect. But following the right methods counts for a lot. We follow a very specific procedure that requires walking through every room in a specific order. This procedure was designed decades ago in an effort to minimize the possibility of missing something. Having followed this procedure more than 33,000 times makes it more natural to us than brushing our teeth. No certification, license, or degree will guarantee you that any inspector will always find all the defects. However, the procedure that we follow gives us the very best chance to do just that.

Training & Consulting Expertise

Since 1985, we have trained more than 100 individuals to be home inspectors and operate their own companies. Many of them are still successful inspectors, and many more spent a career as an inspector before retirement. All of them followed the same procedures that we taught them.

Additionally, we provide consulting services to inspectors and REALTORS® in the Kansas City area. If inspectors come across something they have never seen before, they immediately call us for advice. So even if you choose one of the other home inspectors in the area, chances are that we taught them everything they know.

Important Note: If the above statements make us seem arrogant or conceited, please understand that we are neither. We are humble, genuine, and down-to-earth, but have very little faith in traditional certifications and qualifications because we have seen many inspectors with numerous affiliations and initials after their names who have turned out to be completely inept. The factual and accurate statistics listed above give us the only credentials that we believe to be important. Most inspectors don't even keep statistics, much less guide themselves by them.

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